Lost in 800 AD – the new single

Lost in 800 AD

Lost in 800 AD describes a journey through time in two parts. A time traveller gets stranded near a monastery in the year 800 AD. Monks chant. The knowledge advantage of our „modern“ civilisation does not help him, on the contrary. Soon he ends up in a dungeon. With difficulty, he manages to find hope and he gains a foothold in the past.

The single is an edited version of two tracks from the upcoming album „Night Walk“ by Andreas Baaden, due to be released by MellowJet Records. It spans the arc from Berlin School to rock to modern electrobeats and experimental electronic music. Dark ambient and melodic passages make „Night Walk“ a varied listening experience. If you like the music of Alan Parsons Project, Genesis, Tangerine Dream, Schiller, Jean Michel Jarre or Coldplay, you will like „Night Walk“.